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Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Wild Thunder Wild Thunder: Deals 2 damage to an enemy unit within range, and has a 33% chance to deal 1 additional damage. If Thunder Mark is triggered, Wild Thunder has a 100% chance to deal 1 additional damage

Profusion Profusion Profusion Applies Thunder Marks to up to 2 allied unit for 1 turn. When applied on Profusion, the Tunder Mark will be triggered immediately, granting immunity to Control effects for 2 turns

Fury Fury Fury '+2 health to Thunder Lord. If the Thunder Mark is triggered, +1 range and +1 normal attack damage for Thunder Lord for 1 turn

Overload Overload Overload Normal attacks by Thunder Lord and Overload may trigger Thunder Marks to deal +1 damage, and this damage is counted as ability damage

Lightning Lightning Lightning Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Lightning. Thunder Lord gains Thunder Mark when he takes damage from normal attacks or abilities. When Thunder Mark is applied to Lightning, it gets +2 range for 1 turn


After much careful consideration and analysis, the Dual Gods of Creation concluded that there were four ways in which mass and energy regularly combined: earth, water, air, and fire. These were the elements, and they regularized the Dual God's creation process, making it more efficient and orderly. Elements are the manifestations of natural laws, and they are neither good nor evil. They are the cornerstones upon which this very world is built. Later Kamed and Tarmit took the elements' cores and gave them individual consciousnesses, thus the elemental lords were born. These elemental lords served as the Dual Gods’ helpers, assisting both in this world's creation. They created Kaindell's landscapes and natural phenomena. The Lord of Earth later transformed into a giant, came under Tarmit's curse, and became the ancestor of dwarves. As they only exist to serve the gods, the elements are considered to be a neutral race. Though they may have individual whims and fancies, they are neutral as a matter of principle. They will not offer help to the other races, nor will they attack others without provocation.