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Work your wits and flex your fingers! Gain glory for your team!

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3V3 Turn-Based Strategy PvP

A completely original gameplay style in turn-based strategy! Choose from 3 of dozens of heroes with your team members to form a deadly combination. Use a series of attacks, skills and divine blessings to defeat your foes. Teamwork and communication are imperative to unleashing your greatest potential and attaining victory.

Myriad Heroes Soulstones and Battle Skills

Your sworn mission as the descendant of the dual Gods of Creation: to unlock the unfathomable enigma that is the ruinous Relics of Gods. You must sway the heroes of their races to your cause, and bend the Soulstones’ powers to your will. Your wisdom is key to achieving victory in the field. How you shed enemy blood is entirely up to your hero composition.

Rich PvE
Combat Challenges

The Naborbell Continent is a region ripe for exploration, with each race designed with its own backstory and nifty side-quests. They serve to both enrich Naborbell’s abundant racial lore and challenge your skills in hero storylines. Your plot choices will vastly add to the massive PvE experience. With beautifully rendered real-time animation captures of character actions and expressions, along with theme music featuring renowned composers, Relics of Gods will be your most immersive adventure yet.

Epic Tales
and Lush Chronicles

Our take on games has always been quite traditional: it must tell a story. The Gods of Creation. The patron gods of Naborbell’s cities. The destruction of a planet. The faiths of the races. All are woven into a grand canvas depicting tales of love and hate, elation and anguish, benevolence and conspiracy, loyalty and treachery. With 51 heroes and 15 races taking the stage, they will display the might and mettle of their divine inheritance.

Quality Production Forged
with Passion

Our earnest interests in game design have always been singular: the players. We have partnered with the industry’s best to further temper our creation of intense passion. All to give you what we hope is your most unforgettable gameplay experience. You may notice shades of Hollywood in Relics of Gods. We’ve also come up with plenty of merchandise to complement our game. You’ll be able to get them free if you’re passionate about Relics of Gods and its upcoming events.