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Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Black Sorcery Black Sorcery: [Use on an allied champion: Transfer half of the damage taken by target champion to Witch Doctor, and +1 Health to target champion when Black Sorcery expires] [Used on an enemy champion: transfer half of the damage taken by Witch Doctor to target champion] Black Sorcery lasts for 1 turn

Hex Hex Hex A player within range lose 1 Mana or Gmana. This ability won't cancel normal attacks

Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo Applies a Voodoo effect on an enemy unit within range. Voodoo triggers before the target's next action to deal 2 poison damage. Lasts until triggered

Curse Curse Curse Applies Curse on attackers against Witch Doctor. Affected targets has a 66% chance to receive +1 normal attack damage from Curse soulstone. Lasts for 1 turn

Illusion Illusion Illusion Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Illusion. Witch Doctor's normal attack and ability will Confuse the enemy target. Affected target's action has a 33% chance to be cancelled while the cost is consumed. Confuse effect lasts for 1 turn


When Kamed created humans, she made them to be exceptionally malleable. Sensing an opportunity, Tarmit ordered the God of Greed and the God of Slaughter to add "desire" and "violence" into the human temperament. After a great schism, those humans with a penchant for violence ran into the wild. Tortured by unfulfilled desires, they let their violent impulses reign supreme, turning into wild and bloodthirsty creatures. Their bodies became beastly. Their teeth and nails turned sharp. They had become orcs. According to a certain gnomish legend, some humans lost their wills to greed, to the point that they began to mate with wild animals such as jackals and wolves. Orcs were the results of those unions. Even though gnomes have repeatedly emphasized that this tale comes from their sages who have long observed orcs, most listeners write off this theory as far too outlandish to be anything but an exaggerated tale. Orcs live in the Gobi on the edge of the deserts. They are master hunters and herders. They admire and celebrate the act of slaughter. Orcs routinely launch all-out attacks on other races, and there is often bloodshed between different orc tribes. They value honor above life itself. As a result, sometimes they are tricked by the more cunning and artful races.