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Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Pact Pact: Break one soulstone of yours and one soulstones of an enemy's. Soulstones broken by Pact cannot be Rescued. Turn a target soulstone to a Ghost with 1 Spirit. The soulstones can be dismissed by killing the Ghost. Ghosts cannot be Rescued when killed

Evildoing Evildoing Evildoing Casting Pact on Evildoing will deal 1 damage to the other soulstone's owner

Immolation Immolation Immolation Casting Pact on Immolation will grant Evil Emperor 1 layer of shield, which can stack up to 2 layers. Shields last until used

Resurrection Resurrection Resurrection When your soulstons is about to break, you may pay 1 mana to turn it into a Grave stone with 1 Spirit. Breaking the Gravestone will also break the soulstone. If the Gravestone is not broken, the original soulstone will be brought back to live at the end of next thrun. Gravestones cannot be Rescued when destroyed

Hegemony Hegemony Hegemony Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Hegemony. Evil Emperor can take actions to summon soulstones during his turn. Also, Pact will not cancel other actions


Even after they created the ancillary gods, the Dual Gods of Creation still felt that they required more assistance. Thus the God of Light created angels, while the God of Darkness created demons. The first two demons were Surnada the Mother of Demons and Ahriman the Demonic Emperor. From Tarmit, they inherited not only his great dark powers, but also the God of Darkness' most wicked traits. The demons were lawless creatures who would submit to no order and recognize no hierarchy, so much so that they even dared to defy Tarmit's own commands. The God of Darkness angrily punished the demons—only to be met with even stronger resistance. Now enraged, Tarmit exiled the demons to the mortal world. All demons are complete egoists. They may follow powerful leaders out of fear, but the concepts of loyalty and duty are completely alien to them. As a result, though demons are numerous in number and have great fighting prowess, throughout history the Demonic Legion has never fulfilled its full potential. This does not mean that demons are lacking in military talents or intelligence, merely that they are selfish beyond measure. As a countermeasure, the Demonic Emperor eventually promoted many Doomsday Guards, demons with slightly better potential for discipline. Thanks to him, the Demonic Legion can, for the first time, function like a real army under strategic command.