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Fury Axe Fury Axe: Deals 2 damage to an unit within range. Deals 1 extra damage when Berserker's health is 4 or lower.

Brutal Brutal Brutal Brutal is immune to all normal attacks and ability effects.

Perseverance Perseverance Perseverance When Berserker takes damage from normal attacks or abilities, prevent 1 damage. Meanwhile, Berserker takes 1 less damage from abilities until the beginning of next turn

Audacity Audacity Audacity Audacity enters Stealth for 1 turn after launching a normal attack. When Berserker's health is 4 or lower, you may pay 1 Mana to increase Audacity's normal attack damage by 1.

Reckless Reckless Reckless Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Reckless. Berserker is immune to continuous effects from debuffs.


In order to assist Kamed in her tasks of Creation on the planet Kaindell, the Element of Earth took for the form of giants. These giants dug rivers and amassed mountains, erecting many magnificent structures on the southern continent of Saint Blues to commemorate Kamed's gift of life. Yet Tarmit, the God of Darkness, loathed how the Light Races celebrated and honored their god, therefore he put a curse on the giants: Not only would they lose their imposing stature, they would also age rapidly once they reach adulthood and suffer an early death. Kamed partially broke the curse. She gave the Dwarves a long lifespan and a strong physique. Sadly she was unable to restore them to their former stature, and the Dwarves' appearance would still age rapidly upon reaching adulthood. Dwarves are a passionate and bold race. Straightforward in nature, they are easily swayed by impulses. They value friendships greatly, even sacrificing themselves for their friends. Though dwarves are always happy to drink a quarrel away, they are absolutely fearless when facing their enemies. Their staunch resolution is only matched by their great might. In the ancient era, dwarves lived on the southern continent of Saint Blues. After the War of the Gods, the surviving dwarves fled to southern Naborbell with help from the Goddess of Harvest. They settled in a place called Giants' Hills—it was here that their ancestors, the giants, once helped Kamed with creating life on Naborbell. The giants had left behind imposing buildings, but they faced a harsh environment: The mountain ridges were dangerously steep, and their peaks never thawed. The Goddess of Harvest then bestowed a gift on dwarves: crops which would grow well in these snow-capped mountains.