Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Strike a Pose Strike a Pose: Immune to all normal attacks and abilities which deal 1 damage

Melodious Melodious Melodious Plays random melodies to 2 champions, applying one of the following effects randomly: [-1 Health], [-1 Mana or Gmana], or [Sealed for 1 turn]. When used on allied champions, increases the chamion's health by 1

Joy Joy Joy Bard enters a state of Joy, reflecting 2 damage to any unit that deals normal attack or ability damage to him. The Joy effect expires when triggerd, and can be used again immediately. If this effect is not activated by the beginning of next turn, Bard gets +2 health

Sad Sad Sad Selects 1 allied champion and 1 enemy unit. 33% Chance to deal 1 damage to the allied champion, and 66% chance to deal 2 damage to the enemy unit

Elegant Elegant Elegant Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Elegant. Before he takes action each turn, Bard can choose an effect from: [+2 range, +1 health], or [-1 Health and +1 normal attack damage]. The effect lasts for 1 turn


Gnomes descended from humans. In the ancient era, back when the planet Kaindell still had four continents, humans lived mostly on the continent of Naborbell. A branch of humans braved the vast seas to reach the northwestern continent known as Caboya. There they came into conflict with the Bloodplume. With help from the God of Greed, the mad Bloodplume turned the leafy Caboya continent into a sandy wasteland. They also poisoned the remaining humans with a deadly toxin that caused both shrinkage and bodily spasms. The Goddess of Hope intervened and saved these humans' lives, but their height had shrunk drastically—they became the first gnomes. The Goddess of Hope taught gnomes how to use optimism and a love for the arts—such as music and literature—as weapons against the harsh environment. She also bestowed on them both abundant knowledge and great wisdom. All gnomes have an inexhaustible zest for life. From poetry to painting, these artistic souls are well-versed in all art forms. They also love traveling to all corners of the world, enriching their lives by digging up lost treasures and listening to strange tales.