Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Icefall Icefall: Deal 2 damage to a champion within range, and has a 33% chance to Seal each of the champion's soulstones for 1 turn

Ice Barrier Ice Barrier Ice Barrier When Lich is dealt normal or abilities damage, consume 1 Mana or Gmana to prevent 1 damage. This effect can prevent up to 2 damage for Lich in one turn

Cunning Cunning Cunning At the beginning of each turn, removes all Crowd Control effects from Lich. If Lich isn't affected by any Crowd Control effects, he may gain 1 energy after the end of this turn.

Chill Chill Chill Applies Chilling effect on an enemy champion and one of the champion's soulstones. The affected units take 2 damage after the end of the next turn, and has a 33% chance to take 1 additional damage. Chill breaks after the ability is used

Siphon Siphon Siphon Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Siphon. At the beginning of each turn, Lich has a 33% chance to drain 1 Mana or Divine Power from an enemy player (can affect to up to 1 player)


In the beginning, those who perished but did not completely dissipate wandered between the Dreamland and the Realm of Oblivion. They were the first undead. Anchorless in this world, most undead eventually slipped into oblivion. However, after the death of the first human known as Murr, Tarmit—as a prank— allowed him to retain his consciousness. Murr became the first sentient undead. After the Realm of Gods descended upon the planet Kaindell, the undead were able to return to the world from their base. Shocked by such sacrilege, Kamed casted the undead base into the abyss. The legend of the Underworld was thus born, and with it undead became the archenemy to all living beings. As the antithesis of life itself, undead cannot reproduce or grow, and they despise all living beings. As a result, even the other Dark Races—be they demons or goblins—have a natural animosity toward the undead race. Though undead hate all life, their guile and cunning dictates that they are willing to form temporary alliances for mutual benefits. Still, all other races are but mere pawns to be played in their game, and nothing will stop them from reaching the Soul Dominator's goal.