Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Mana Shield Mana Shield: Grants a Mana Shield to an allied player, blocking the next normal attack or debuff dealt on this player. Affected player gain +1 Health. Lasts until taking effect

Seal Seal Seal Seals one unit. Costs 2 Mana when cast on champions. Lasts for 1 turn

Ignition Ignition Ignition Deals 2 fire damage to one enemy unit within range

Arcanum Arcanum Arcanum '+1 range to Archmage. Mana Shield can be casted on enemy units within range to deal 2 damage on it

Refuge Refuge Refuge Activate: +1 normal attack damage to Refuge. Your unit has 33% chance to negate a debuff dealt to them


Kamed molded Humans according to her own physical image. She named the first Human "Murr." Later on, humans named their theocratic kingdom "Saint Murr" in honor of their first ancestor. Humans are an extremely malleable race; they are quick to absorb foreign cultures and adopt new customs. As a Light Race, their temperament is relatively gentle, and they are quite friendly towards the other Light Races. They treat all their Light Race guests—no matter if they are from near or far—with great hospitality, and all of these races are able to thrive in human territories. However, humans are also susceptible to temptation and corruption, and they are capable of great selfishness and malice. There are two human kingdoms, one called St. Murr and the other Craig. St. Murr is a predominantly agrarian kingdom located in the central region of the shattered Naborbell continent. To its east lies Craig, a newly ascendant commercial power perched on the edge of the Crumbling Sea. Humans are the most populous and powerful race on the Naborbell continent. The relations between the two human kingdoms—not to mention the relationships between humans and other Light Races—directly impact the fate of the continent itself.