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Chinese diplomats, medical staff and technicians from conflict-ridden Yemen as the situation continues to get worse, the Ministry

Frost Shot Frost Shot: Deals 1 damage to a unit within range, and prevent the unit from using abilities. Lasts for 1 turn

Calm Calm Calm Heals Frost Archer by up to 3 Health

Focus Focus Focus Can pay 1 extra Mana to make normal attack to deal +1 damage to units that affected by Crowd Control effects.


The elven race is indigenous to the planet of Kaindell. In Kamed's eyes, their evolutionary process is a paragon for all the races in the cosmos. The God of Light later gave the elves the Sea of Trees, further accelerating their civilizational progress. Before long, the elves became a noble and graceful race. Taberyan, the first Elven King, left an indelible legacy for his people. Not only was he imposing in stature and beautiful in appearance, he also possessed a great deal of knowledge and exceptional combat skills. It was said that his queen Radina was made by Kamed out of rose petals. She was not physically robust, nor could she call upon the powers of the Holy Light. Yet she was able to communicate with nature, use a variety of nature-based magic spells, and extract essence from plants. The great powers of elves have somewhat of an isolating effect—they may appear standoffish or haughty, and outsiders may find it difficult to communicate with them. However, the elves are kind creatures at heart, and they can be gregarious around those who have earned their trust and friendship. The elves currently dwell in the Dell Forest of southern Naborbell. Previously they had also lived in the Forest of Forgotten Whispers to the north, however, in the catastrophic aftermath of the War of the Gods, all the Northern Elves were forced to migrate southward and settle next to dwarves. There they have moist air, many jungle plants on view, and a great variety of wildlife.